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  • Rapidly develop web applications without coding
  • Create user interfaces using a comprehensive control library
  • Make use of Stadium's strong interaction with databases
  • Reduce web application development costs



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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum hardware/software requirements?
CPU: Intel i3, Xeon or better.
Memory: 4GB
Browser: IE7 or later
OS: Windows Server 2008 or later
Special software: Microsoft Report Viewer Runtime 2012, Microsoft .Net Framework 4

What databases are supported?
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 - 2012 is required.
Oracle 10g onwards is supported for data imports.

Which browsers are supported?
IE7 or higher

Does your solution support an automated deployment mechanism?
Yes, MSI (Microsoft Installer)

Describe the main components of the solution and note any specific requirements for each.
User Interface - Web application requires .Net Framework 4, IIS 7 or later.
Database - Database requires SQL Server 2005 or later.

Do you provide documentation on the structure of your database?

Describe basic system security, including data encryption used.
The Stadium UI is secured with a username and password that is encrypted server side. The UI supports Forms and Windows Authentication via IIS. Password policy can be enforced: Password expiry, use of alphanumeric and special characters, password lock out.

Please describe your upgrade strategy
New versions are released every 3 to 6 months and/or as soon as new features are added. Urgent Bug fixes result in an adhoc release.

What backup strategy would you recommend to support your solution?
Daily backups of the database should be sufficient.

What programming language(s) was/were used to develop the package?

Was your software developed internally or acquired?

Can one installation of this package share information with another installation of the same package (multi-facility roll-out)?

Can more than one version exist on a network?

Describe the process for the incorporation of modifications to your software as requested by your customers
- All suggestions or requests are welcome.
- Requests that affect the core software will be implemented at the discretion of T57.
- Requests will be assessed to determine if they suit the direction of the product or if they are customer specific. This will affect the decision to include them or not.

Describe how your solution transmits data across the network.
Communication with the UI: Http
Communication with the Database server: TCP/IP